Takeoff - The Vanishing Airplane for Parlor & Stage

The "Out To Lunch" magic principle... but now JUMBO!

Now you can look like you're performing a "big" illusion like the pros do — but on a budget!

The trick "Out To Lunch" was first marketed in the 1940's. The effect was that of a small stack of cards containing images of a boy standing next to a rope he was about to climb. After the spectator initialed a card and it was removed from the stack, the card was shown and it revealed that the boy had disappeared, but in his place it said "Out to Lunch" — and still the card contained the original initials.

There have been many other variations of the trick over the years, however they all rely on the same premise, now known as the "Out To Lunch" principle.

Jason Palter's TAKEOFF is his fresh take on this trick's foundation, but uses JUMBO cards so it can be performed close-up (as the original effect was intended) or on stage.


Here is the FUN and highly COMMERCIAL Effect:

Just like the mega-stars of magic like David Copperfield, Siegfried & Roy, etc. did the huge tricks for crowds ("Illusions, as we magicians call them..."), you would love to do something really BIG for your audience too! The problem, you explain, is that you really cannot afford something that large ("I'm sorry folks, but purchasing an elephant or a Ferrari for this trick just isn't possible at this point in my life."). However all is not lost! You tell them that you are going to still do something amazing. You're going to vanish an airplane — but do the "poor man's" version of the illusion.

You show a stack of 8.5x11" cards. Each has a picture of an airplane, plus a captivated audience sitting and waiting to see the magic happen. With your tongue-in-cheek, you explain that you want to ensure that there are no "switches" done to the GIANT airplane ("For instance, I don’t want someone to replace the plane with an inflatable replica when you aren't looking!"). Have a spectator sign their name near the bottom of the top card, right underneath where everyone is seated on the image. You pull this top card out of the stack, and place it faced down on the table. Have the spectator repeat some meaningful magic words to you, such as: "I wish I may, I wish I might, get this plane outta' here tonight!"

When the spectator turns over the card, incredibly the airplane has vanished from the image, and yet everything else remains the same as before—including their signature at the bottom! They can take the card home as a souvenir of this incredible feat of magic, proof to show their friends that they actually witnessed a magician make a plane disappear!

  • Self-working
  • No sleight of hand
  • Entirely self-contained
  • Instant reset
  • Close-up or stage

INCLUDES: Enough printed cards to perform the trick 40 times, plus bonus routines and ideas. But here is the BEST part: The trick INCLUDES for free, artwork and directions to print your own UNLIMITED refills forever! You can even imprint your own contact info on the back of each card if you want!

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